Small dream gardens: images and ideas to copy

When the days start to get longer, the desire to spend more time outdoors arises. What if we could do it in the privacy of our home, together with the people we love?

Discover in our article how small dream gardens are born :

you will be surprised to know that sometimes very little is enough to transform a small green area into a real oasis in which to rest, read and invite friends and family for unforgettable moments of conviviality .

8 examples of small dream gardens

Do you have a few square meters of greenery at your disposal? Don’t despair and get to work: thanks to some brilliant ideas for a small garden you can create true masterpieces.

To help you realize what might seem like just a daydream, our experts have identified eight examples to start from. Choose the one you prefer and then customize it as you like.

1. Small gardens to copy: corner with brazier and lights

Choose a matching bench and armchair with a woven effect: arrange them to form a corner and add a large brazier in the center.

To prolong chatting in company indefinitely, add a table, some lanterns , LED lights to move wherever you want and a suggestive chain of lights to make everything more magical.

Keep some extra pillows and blankets available, which you can place in a comfortable basket.

2. Cozy corner with armchairs and sofas

For a small dream garden in which to chat, organize aperitifs and relax, focus on setting up an outdoor lounge.

First, define the area well by placing a large outdoor rug on which to place a corner sofa, ideal for optimizing the space and making the atmosphere more intimate.

If you have a little extra surface area, add an armchair or two to close the “square” and make sure everyone can look into each other’s eyes.

3. Make the best use of the space

Do you love organizing lunches and dinners with friends ? When the weather permits, move everything outside. Even if the garden is small, you can use every last centimeter thanks to an extendable table , to be placed on a special platform or on a tiled surface to offer more stability.

To complete the styling, choose a large outdoor rug in an oriental pattern and shade your small dream garden with a charming retro-style umbrella with fringes, in a solid color or stripes.

4. Small gardens to copy: a simple solution

Do you dream of a relaxation area of ​​your own, or at most to share as a couple? Go classic: buy two elegant bamboo garden deckchairs , perfect for giving life to an exotic mood.

The material is great for outdoors, as it is naturally weatherproof. Complete with a practical umbrella, to feel like you’re on the beach and protect yourself from the too strong sun.

To take advantage of this idyllic corner of the garden even in the evening, place one or more large luminous spheres next to the deckchairs.

5. A beautiful porch

If you’re lucky enough to have a sheltered area, set up a conversation area. Very few elements are enough to obtain a great result:

  • Two woven armchairs, white or coloured
  • A small table to use as a support point
  • A pouf or floor cushion to add an extra seat
  • Some decorative pillows to increase comfort

6. Comfortable corner

Some small dream gardens can also be created through structural intervention. For example, you can create a niche thanks to a concrete corner bench, in correspondence with the surrounding wall, on which to place many soft cushions.

To use the space when it’s cold, place a nice brazier in the center, which will allow you to illuminate and heat the area during the cooler months. Discover other ideas for a bordering garden too !

7. Shabby atmosphere

Do you want a dreamy little garden that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the English and French countryside? Under a beautiful tree or in a corner you can place a small set consisting of a metal table and chairs for two.

To enrich the shabby atmosphere, use the most suitable garden decorations , such as a couple of striped cushions, some vintage watering cans, romantic birdbaths and lots of vases with scented plants and flowers. Having breakfast here will be enchanting…

8. Sand and white decorations

Are you looking for a sophisticated idea to furnish your garden ? Start with an elegant woven wood-effect bench , combined with small, strictly all-white details .

Cushions, throws and more: break up the rigor of the shapes with a pair of white-painted terracotta vases with sinuous shapes.

Instead, you will be able to match the sand color of the bench thanks to a pendant lamp and bamboo lanterns.

Still looking for some ideas? Check out our gallery below!

Tips for a small dream garden

Have you already found the most suitable solution for your small garden? In addition to taking inspiration from our suggestions for small dream gardens, you can also follow some practical instructions.

  • Don’t overfill a space that is too small : try to find a balance of shapes and colors, without making everything seem excessively “full”.
  • Leave room for a small driveway : Make sure there is a comfortable transition from inside to outside (and vice versa).
  • Don’t forget flowers and small plants : after all, without a bit of greenery it wouldn’t be called a garden… Use pots, even to hang on the wall, to grow some aromatic plants, seasonal flowers and evergreen plants , such as jasmine and nandina(Sacred bamboo).
  • Use outdoor lights and garlands : make your corner of paradise shine even when night falls thanks to solar lamps , which use the sun’s rays to illuminate your evenings without the need for electricity.


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