11 ideas for furnishing a small garden: ideas to copy

Who said that a small garden can’t be transformed into a relaxing corner? Whatever outdoor space is available to you, you will have to keep in mind a single important concept: the optimization of spaces.

Starting from this assumption you will design a green oasis tailor-made to your needs. By reading the next lines you will find 11 ideas for a small garden : discover many ideas and advice!

11 ideas for furnishing and decorating a small garden

We have collected 11 ideas for a small garden: furnish, decorate, plant and build!

1. Use the border technique

One way to give your garden personality is through a border. What is it about? It is an original solution useful for spacing seedlings and flowers in the garden.

In essence, the boundaries of the garden are perimetered with a “border”, which will usually be made of wood or stone . The border will give your garden a tidier look and divide it into color zones or flower types.

2. Make use of the garden path

Also use the garden path as a design element, for example using beautiful stones. Arrange the stones well to create a nice walkway.

3. Plant scenic bushes

Do you have just a small patch of grass near your driveway? Don’t despair! You can plant scenic bushes .

Get some gardening shears that are long enough and recreate the shapes that most inspire you.

Our favorite is the spherical shape, very elegant and sophisticated. Furthermore, you can place decorative elements around the bushes: lights to illuminate the path , garden ornaments or even a small pouf!

4. Build a vertical garden

If the land available is lacking, no one will stop you from developing the garden upwards .

By fixing planters at different heights on the walls we will create a very green vertical garden. Also hang decorations and lights for a beautiful effect!

5. Create a small relaxation area

If the square meters in the garden are few, you could choose small furnishing elements to create a garden lounge .

It is not necessary to purchase bulky sun loungers or lounge sofas, just recreate a sitting area with outdoor poufs and floor cushions .

Make everything more welcoming with an outdoor rug and an umbrella to protect you from the sun, which once closed will take up very little space.

6. Set up a barbecue area

In a garden, vegetation is not necessarily the protagonist. If the surface is not particularly large and you do not have a lawn, but only a stone or concrete surface, you could tile and create a barbecue space .

Here you can insert a small grill , completing everything with a serving trolley to facilitate the preparation of your delicacies. To be comfortable, get a folding table and chairs that you will open only when necessary.

7. Enhance the gray area

What if the only green space available is in a shaded area ? Don’t worry, even in this case there is a solution that’s right for you!

Some plants do not need to be exposed to the sun too much, indeed they prefer a shady and humid environment. Among these is the astilbe with its feather-shaped leaves in red, lilac and blue colors.

Together with a nice umbrella or a small gazebo you will build a perfect shelter for the hottest days!

8. Make use of climbing plants

Do you have a very small garden, but are lucky enough to have columns or a small porch? There is no better opportunity to focus on climbing plants . Among these, don’t miss the blue-purple colors of wisteria .

Be careful though: climbers must always be kept under control. Their uncontrolled growth could cause damage to the home itself.

9. Create small flower beds

Among the ideas for a small garden, one of the most classic is that of the flowerbed.

By placing the plants at the right distance you will be able to recreate a mix of scents and colors in your patch of grass.

Tulips, roses, daffodils: the choice of the best flower to inebriate your spring is yours!

10. Follow a style

A garden, however small, will not shy away from following a particular style. The choices are varied, but always consider your green corner as an extension of the home .

For this reason it is good that the exterior design can also find harmony with the interiors.

You could focus on the shabby chic style where a piece of furniture, in which wicker will be the protagonist, will be immersed in a floral explosion of scents and colours.

The details based on recycling will characterize this unique garden: an old bicycle with the basket transformed into a vase, or a wheelbarrow transformed into a planter.

If, however, you would like to reproduce your corner of the countryside in the city, the Provençal style will be for you.

The evergreen plants will provide a backdrop to the splashes of color of the lavenders, lilacs and aromatic herbs.

The furnishings will recall those slightly vintage features of wood, terracotta and wrought iron.

A contemporary house goes perfectly with a minimal style garden, where between stones, sand and not too showy plants, everything will be based on geometry and simplicity of shapes.

In this case the green corner can be transformed into a small Zen garden in which to meditate and rediscover one’s spirituality.

11. Choose the right furniture to furnish the small garden

When choosing furniture and accessories for the garden, particular attention must be paid to their characteristics.

The furniture is exposed to atmospheric agents and will therefore have to be quite resistant . At the same time it will have to satisfy aesthetic and comfort requirements .

The most popular outdoor materials are wood , plastic , metal and rattan . Each of these can be used to create furnishings that adapt to the style of the garden.

For example, wrought iron tables and chairs match perfectly with a green space with a rustic flavor .


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