How to decorate a garden: 8 ideas and tips for every style

The garden is an important part of the house and, even if we often tend to neglect it, it should be considered like all the other rooms.

Outdoor spaces deserve the same stylistic attention as interiors, because details matter both inside and outside the home.

In this article we talk about how to decorate the garden : accessories, potted plants, DIY ideas, tips for lighting and lawn care.

Here you will find everything you need to create an enchanted garden.

1. Start with planning

Having a garden is a great fortune. Being able to relax in the sun surrounded by the scent of flowers, dine outdoors on summer evenings, play with the children on the lawn: the garden hides a thousand potentials! But designing outdoor spaces is not always easy.

We must consider the spaces available, the context, the general style of the house. Then we move on to choosing the furniture, which must above all be resistant, the plants and, finally, the decorations.

Because without decorations even the garden seems incomplete. It is these small details that allow us to express our personality , creating a space that reflects our tastes and passions.

2. Think about the style you want to give to the garden

First of all, you need to think about the style you would like to use to decorate your garden.

Do you like the idea of ​​a relaxing, pure environment, with water features that evoke zen atmospheres?

Or do you prefer an ethnic and colorful look? What if it were a minimal garden , in a city style but still welcoming?

You can decide to maintain the predominant style you have chosen for the rooms of your home in the outdoor spaces too, or create an oasis of its own. The important thing is to choose the common thread to follow!

If you have furnished your home in a modern and minimalist style, for example, a garden with ethnic style accessories and decorations would be out of place.

Going from a colorful and lively exterior to an essential and clean interior would almost create a stylistic shock. The advice, therefore, is to respect the style you have used within the home.

But be careful: respecting style does not mean being monotonous ! Instead, it means highlighting the strong points of a certain style through the choice of elements that are in harmony with each other.

There are many options you can choose for garden decorations: in a modern, rustic or shabby chic style; glass, ceramic, metal or wood. Here are some ideas to help you choose.

3. Decorate the garden with glass accessories

The special glass for exteriors is a very resistant material that creates suggestive reflections of light.

Furthermore, it is also resistant to frost, UV rays and weathering and usually lasts longer than natural materials. This is why it is perfect for garden decorations.

Whether it’s a glass flower vase or bright lights and lanterns hanging from the canopy of a tree, glass decorations are simply beautiful.

However, make sure that it is glass suitable for outdoors. Garden glass decorations are highly resistant thanks to a particular manufacturing method that cannot be compared to classic glass decorations.

4. A natural touch with wooden decorations

Wood is also widely used for outdoor spaces, because it allows you to create a warm and welcoming environment .

Furthermore, the natural and classic look of this material is suitable not only for rustic and romantic gardens, but also for a typically Scandinavian modern look.

Wooden garden decorations are very varied, and their versatility allows them to be used in different seasons.

In autumn, for example, wood radiates a particular warmth and conveys a feeling of security.

With soft blankets, many decorative cushions and scented candles you can create a truly peaceful haven in your garden, matching your rattan garden lounger.

5. Use metal for a minimal or industrial mood

A little more modern, but no less popular, is metal. If you are a fan of industrial style , then this is exactly the decoration for you.

Metal is a very robust material, weatherproof and easy to maintain. Not to mention that it is also very versatile ! It can be combined with wood, glass and stone to obtain a harmonious overall picture.

Its worn look conveys intimacy and harmony, for example on an outdoor floor lamp . The visual effect is simply wonderful!

6. Decorate the garden with DIY

To give a personal touch to your garden there is nothing better than DIY. You don’t have to be an expert craftsman to do this, just a little creativity! With a good dose of imagination you will be able to decorate the garden in a unique and personal way, perhaps using some creative recycling tricks to give new life to old unused objects.

Here are three ideas:

  1. Use empty glass bottles or old garden accessories such as flower pots. Customize everything with spray paint, creating unique and original decorations.
  2. Transform vases and cans into candle holders to give the table a personal touch. Creative recycling, in addition to being very popular, allows you to create fantastic garden decorations while respecting the environment.
  3. Reuse glass jars to create a DIY lantern: insert some fairy lights and place them on the table for a beautiful effect.

7. Choose the right plants to decorate the garden

In addition to garden decorations and matching furniture, plants are also very important. There are varieties of garden plants of all kinds that can satisfy all tastes and needs, you just have to choose the ones best suited to you. Some idea:

  • A beautiful evergreen plant , for example, is the rhododendron . It blooms in many colors which gives your garden a touch of vibrancy.
  • It usually grows best in swampy and wooded areas, where the pH of the soil is slightly acidic. Rhododendron needs light, but not direct.
  • All the flowers that belong to the mallow family also fit perfectly . It doesn’t always have to be the classic rose, the pink holly also radiates a touch of romance thanks to its delicate leaves. It is possible to start sowing in early March.
  • In a protected cold frame on the windowsill, place the first seedlings. Between May and June it is also possible to sow the seeds directly outdoors.
  • A real classic in many gardens is the black cherry , because it is extremely easy to care for and, thanks to its white flowers and protruding branches, becomes a pretty eye-catcher in your garden.

8. The best way to decorate the garden: keep the lawn trimmed

  • Tip 1 : regular watering is essential for having a beautiful and well-kept lawn. Additionally, periodic mowing also promotes uniform growth. Therefore, it is best to mow your lawn every one to two weeks starting in April. But don’t cut the grass too short: a height of three or four centimeters is ideal.
  • Tip 2 : Have you found a gap in your lawn? Sow seeds regularly and water lawn seeds thoroughly. Very important: before sowing, loosen the soil with a rake and eliminate weeds. This way there is enough space for the next sowing!
  • Tip 3 : If you want to plant a new lawn, you need to pay attention to the correct composition when selecting the seed. Grass seeds always consist of a mixture of different species and varieties.
  • Tip 4 : the right mowing technique makes the difference. Drive your lawn on straight paths with the lawnmower. Then carefully remove the cuttings.
  • Tip 5 : if you don’t have a green thumb you can always opt for a synthetic lawn!


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