Black kitchen: ideas and style tips

Black is an unquestionably fascinating color. Maybe you thought that it couldn’t be used lightly in any area of ​​the house, but you will discover that this is not the case: you just need to know how to dose and match!

For example, how about trying to decorate a black kitchen ? Elegant, refined and with an irresistible charm, it is very trendy among interior design enthusiasts.

But which materials to choose? What colors to match? And what is the most suitable style? Here you will find all the basic rules for creating a dream kitchen.

Why choose a black kitchen

At first glance, the choice of black is above all a question of style. It is a refined and elegant color , which goes well with almost any color.

Furthermore, a detail not to be underestimated, by choosing black for the structure or coverings, you can have fun with the appliances.

A black kitchen, if made with quality materials, will also prove to be very resistant and durable over time.

Unlike its white sister, which can yellow over time, the dark version will tend to maintain its shine.

Black kitchen countertops do not require particular maintenance: sometimes a wipe of the sponge is enough to clean them!

Black kitchen: which materials and finishes to choose?

As we were saying, one of the strengths of a black kitchen is given by the ability to mix with other materials creating unique scenography. Here are some suggestions for creating winning mixes.

Black and wood kitchen

The combination of black and wood is now a great classic. To create the right play of contrasts between the furnishing elements, you could opt for a light-toned wood, such as fine oak .

By combining it with a matt or lacquered black you will get a kitchen that certainly will not go unnoticed.

Black marble kitchen

Marble has been synonymous with elegance in a kitchen since time immemorial. Its classic application concerns the top: the whiteness of the white accompanied by the unmistakable veins will open like a space of light in the heart of your black kitchen .

For the more imaginative it is also possible to choose the refinement of black marble .

Black and steel kitchen

A black kitchen certainly does not reflect the same amount of light compared to its white counterpart.

A very simple way to overcome this problem is to combine it with steel. This material finds the perfect application in finishes and tops, as well as in household appliances.

A choice with a particularly modern and industrial flavor that will also give shine to your black kitchen!

Glossy or matte black?

A glossy or matte black kitchen? The choice may not be easy at all, and the evaluation must be made based on the shape of the space available to us.

In what sense? In an open space environment with an open kitchen, focusing on matt black could be useful for recreating harmony with the furnishings of the rest of the living area.

In fact, matt also easily combines with the white or wooden furniture that commonly characterizes this space. Furthermore, the matte black kitchen finds its natural habitat in spaces inhabited by a large amount of natural light .

On the contrary, a glossy black kitchen finds its ideal application in environments that are not too bright.

In addition to the classic elegance of black, the glossy finish will be perfect for catalyzing as much light as possible while also enhancing the finishes of this kitchen which is an emblem of style.

Style tips for a black kitchen

In the common imagination, the black kitchen is in most cases approached only to a modern style. It is a well-founded thought, nevertheless black is a versatile color capable of providing the most disparate solutions.

The first element to consider when designing a black kitchen is the amount of natural light present in the space.

Dark shades are not very reflective, and to avoid creating a dark and uncomfortable area, the environment must be well lit.

Precisely for this reason it is advisable to place a black kitchen inside an open space . In such a large and sunny space it is possible to recreate an industrial style kitchen .

The various matt black components can be combined with shimmering steel finishes capable of enhancing natural light even more. In this design concept the presence of an island station absolutely cannot be missing .

And when the space available is not so large? Someone once said that black goes with everything. Precisely for this reason the ideal solution could be to play on the classic contrast between black and white .

The elements of the black kitchen will be accompanied by a white top, appliances in soft shades and other milk-colored finishes.

The black-white alternation will give the kitchen a sort of chessboard effect with unique elegance and refinement.


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