Nordic style bathroom: how to furnish and decorate it

Simple beauty is the hallmark of the Scandinavian-style bathroom, characterized by clean lines, natural materials and neutral colors.

This trend, inspired by the cozy homes of Northern Europe, has won our hearts and made its way into our homes.

Given its peculiarities, it adapts perfectly to the most private room in the house, turning it into a refined spa.

Find out how to furnish a bathroom in Nordic style thanks to our practical advice:

in the overview there is space for the reference palette, the textures, but also for bathroom fixtures, furnishings and accessories, all in the name of a balanced harmony of shapes and nuance.

Colors and materials for a Nordic style bathroom

It’s impossible to talk about a Scandinavian-style bathroom without mentioning the word hygge .

This Danish and Norwegian word defines the feeling of daily happiness that comes from simple pleasures, such as staying at home with family and friends, feeling welcomed by the environment in which you live.

For Northern European countries this is a real philosophy, which is also applied to home furnishings. To furnish your Nordic oasis, there are some guidelines to follow:

  • Create a bright environment, with natural and warm light, which welcomes you like an enveloping hug.
  • Opt for inviting minimalism , with soft lines and functional furnishings.
  • You prefer inspiration linked to nature , both for colors and materials.

Now that you know the basics of this home interior trend, start imagining the restyling of your bathroom in Nordic style thanks to the reference colors and materials.

Colors for the Scandinavian bathroom

The colors of the Nordic bathroom are essential for creating a harmonious and relaxing whole.

In addition to the reference to natural elements, all the delicate nuances that satisfy this need for quiet are welcome.

White dictates the style for both the bathroom fixtures and the wall colors, but you can vary the theme with other neutral colors such as beige, light gray and cream.

Although until a few years ago no one would have thought of using other colors, today in a Scandinavian style bathroom you can also use slightly darker shades or pastel tones , especially light blue and green.

Natural materials inspired by Northern Europe

Wood is the great protagonist among the materials for the Nordic style bathroom: comfortable and warm, choose it in finishes that are able to reveal the knots and grain.

Better to focus on light essences, such as maple, fir, ash and larch, to be kept strictly natural; Reclaimed and treated wood to resist humidity is also good.

The other suggested material is stone , preferable in light shades such as travertine or marble.

How to choose bathroom fixtures and coverings in Nordic style

Starting from the recommended colors and materials, your Nordic style bathroom begins to come to life thanks to the essential elements.

Don’t forget to also put a bit of your personality into the choice, because you have to create a place that is not only pleasant, but that also speaks about you and your personal tastes. Here are some tips for selecting bathroom fixtures, floors and coverings.


The sanitary fixtures for a Scandinavian style bathroom are based on rigorous, square or more sinuous lines, and soft colors: the atmosphere to aim for is that of an airy and essential environment, but not cold like modern styles.

While on the one hand it involves the prevalence of clean shapes and sober decorative elements, Nordic style bathroom furnishings always aim for warmth and hospitality.

The color of the ceramic will be strictly light, both shiny and opaque; for the sink you can also choose a shelf in raw and reclaimed wood which will function as a base on which to place towels and products, but also as a decorative element.

Shower or bathtub

Calm and tranquility are the prerogative of a Nordic style bathroom: if you have enough space, treat yourself to a freestanding bathtub with a rounded shape, or consider a built-in model with slat covering, which will make you feel like you’re in a real Scandinavian sauna .

If there isn’t enough space in the bathroom to install the bathtub, a practical and functional shower tray with a waterfall shower head and glass enclosure will also work just fine.

Floors and walls

Nordic style bathroom tiles are generally made of traditional ceramic in soft colors, such as white or ivory, and have an illuminating effect.

Choose glossy ones to reflect the light, especially if the bathroom is very small, or matte for a contemporary finish.

For floors and walls you can also use parquet or wood-effect porcelain stoneware, in honey-colored shades.

Nordic style bathroom accessories and furnishings

Choosing furniture for your Nordic style bathroom is key to achieving the homely look that has made the hygge philosophy famous around the world.

Combining natural-looking furnishings and accessories with a few personalized elements will help improve the soothing effect of the room.

As a general rule, it is essential to include colors, finishes and suggestions that evoke the forest, the true heart of Northern European culture, and all the materials that recall it.

For shelves and storage units always choose wood; however, for a modern feel, you could also opt for gray and stone finishes.

Another essential element is natural light which, if possible, should always be favored over artificial light. No to neon or overly strong lights, it is better to prefer lighting with wall lamps and chandeliers in opaque white glass that create soft glows.

As for decorations, the secret of a Nordic style bathroom is not to overdo it. Instead, look for decorative elements that enhance the neutral shades you have chosen, to create a relaxing environment. 

Bathroom plants cannot be missing, and not only because they enhance the light base and are reminiscent of nature, but also because they improve air quality.

Remember that your Scandinavian-style bathroom should feel like an oasis sheltered from the outside world: purchase soft natural fiber towels and bathrobes to complement the color scheme.

The finishing touch? Wicker baskets, wooden stools and small handcrafted decorations to enhance the welcoming elegance of the most intimate room in your home.


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