Walk in shower: advantages and 7 ideas for building it in your bathroom

Modernity and elegance come together in the walk in shower , an increasingly popular solution for the bathroom.

Beyond comfort, it helps to better define the style of one of the areas we love most in the house.

If it tempts you, find out in our article what its features are and what advantages it can offer you.

Are you already thinking about a makeover? Then let yourself be inspired by the ideas we have selected for you and choose the most suitable one. Taking a shower will never be the same again…

Features of a walk in shower

You will certainly have seen it in furnishing magazines, in some movie scenes and in glossy photos on social media, but do you know what the distinctive elements of a walk in shower are ? Also called open space or free entry shower, it must have these characteristics :

  • A more “fluid” construction than the classic shower enclosure
  • It has no door and one of the sides is completely open
  • It is generally without a shower tray or, if it is present, it is on the same level as the floor
  • Usually the walls are made of glass or stone

These particularities have quickly made it become an icon of the modern bathroom , which manages to dress it up with new material and architectural suggestions.

Furthermore, the beauty of the walk in shower is that it can completely renovate the bathroom area, making it more chic and particular.

The advantages of a walk in shower

After having explored what is meant by a walk in shower, we come to the question that you may already be asking yourself: why should I choose it ? In reality, there are at least 5 good reasons to install one at home: here are what they are.

  1. Minimal and modern design : if you love essentiality, it is impossible to resist the simple refinement of a walk-in shower with glass walls.
  2. Easy to clean : since it has no steps and is designed with fewer structural elements, it dries faster and makes cleaning easier.
  3. Cheaper than other options : compared to the traditional box, it requires less installation work and is therefore less expensive.
  4. Easy access, ideal for all ages : the particular open structure facilitates entry into the shower, which is why it can also be used by children and the elderly.
  5. Luxury feeling : in addition to offering lots of space, it can be accessorised with shower heads, mixers, shower columns and ad hoc bathroom furniture to make it as sumptuous as those in a spa.

These advantages are valid if you pay attention to the installation of accessories and the laying of coverings, especially to avoid flooding and splashes all over the floor.

For this reason we recommend that you always contact a professional!

7 ideas for your walk in shower

If the points in favor of the walk in shower have convinced you, it’s time to take action and take inspiration from some practical examples.

As we have seen, the essentiality of the structural elements gives you great design freedom.

In a niche or the center of attention, black and white or colorful, there is an infinite number of styles to discover. Explore our proposals to orient yourself and identify the type that perfectly interprets the mood of your home.

1. Treated wood

If you are fascinated by natural materials, opt for a walk-in shower covered in wooden panels, which can also be used for the floor and combined with the transparent glass wall.

However, make sure that the surface is specially treated to resist humidity and water, thus prolonging its beauty over time.

For a contemporary touch, combine black and white bathroom fixtures with wooden furnishings that recall tiles.

2. Stone and black shower heads

If you want to transform the brick shower into a more contemporary solution, select a gray stone or stoneware cladding, to be used for the three closed sides.

To bring out the color and shades of the tiles you could then use strictly black shower heads with squared lines.

Play with shapes and “break the lines” by inserting some scenographic accessories, such as a total black stool with a whimsical silhouette.

Also get help from the lighting, placing small spherical suspension chandeliers.

3. Simple with white tiles

Don’t like strong colors? No problem: for your walk-in shower, focus on the freshness of white glossy effect ceramic tiles, to be applied on two walls to define the area.

Complete with a glass wall and play with black and white: thanks to black painted metal finishes, together with towel holders and tone-on-tone accessories, you can enhance the brightness of the room.

The extra touch? Some details in wood or in neutral shades such as cream or powder, to better stratify the color palette.

4. In retro style, integrated with an existing structure

Are you looking for an original way to enhance a shower with window ? Then what’s right for you could be a bathroom furnished with some references to the past.

For an impeccable retro style we suggest inserting a glass wall along an existing niche, perhaps completed with a small brick seat.

In this case the shower tray and coverings could be in mosaic or travertine-type stone, characterized by warmer shades.

Add vintage style shower heads, with more charming shapes, and take up the soft lines thanks to round ceiling lights and decorative vases.

5. Funky style with wallpaper

Color can become your secret ingredient to liven up the style of the bathroom. You don’t need much to obtain a high-impact result: starting from a light and neutral base, try a patterned wallpaper to apply only on one wall.

Make sure it is made of a water-compatible material and use one of the nuances in the furniture and accessories to maintain your leitmotif.

6. Gold details

Want something glam to make your bathroom shine? Let yourself be tempted by a completely exposed walk-in shower, with two glass walls, and install an extra large gold-coloured shower head inside (and therefore clearly visible).

Then use the same finish for the small accents, such as taps and hand showers. The extra idea? Create a small niche in the wall in which to place shower gel and shampoo.

7. Spa effect with beige and accessories

To finish our roundup of walk-in showers, we couldn’t forget a proposal dedicated to pure relaxation.

Set up a bathroom reminiscent of a spa thanks to a masonry structure closed on three sides, to be embellished with a beige stone cladding.

To feel just like at the spa, add a wooden stool and all your favorite beauty products.


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