Satisfy Your Burger Cravings with the 5 Best Burgers in Hamilton

Best Burger in Hamilton

Are you craving a mouthwatering burger that will truly satisfy your hunger?

Hamilton is home to some of the best burger joints, offering everything from fully loaded burgers to classic drive-thru favorites.

As foodie bloggers, we couldn't resist compiling a list of the top hamburger spots in Hamilton. From restaurants serving burgers for decades to newer establishments making a splash with their innovative takes on the classic dish, this list has it all.

So, without further ado, here are the must-try burgers in Hamilton that you won't want to miss

Best Burger in Hamilton

HAMBRGR King William

HAMBRGR is definitely worth its high ranking. With dishes that are (unique!) and tasty - it's like a little adventure for your taste buds.

We especially loved the tater tots (yum!) Everything is made with fresh, high quality ingredients. The onion rings (for example!) are made with thick slices of actual onions and coated in a yummy batter.

You have to try the shakes too (delicious!), although we'd recommend getting them as a dessert instead of a drink with your main dish.

It was pretty busy when we were there, but the service was still super fast (impressive!) and the staff were really nice (friendly!).

We'll definitely be back (count on it!) and we highly recommend this place to everyone (totally!)

(Well!) Rarely do chain restaurants deserve 5 stars, but (hey!) this one is surely a rarity. Great customer service (excellent!) and food (delicious!).

Indoor ambience is nice (nice touch!), but we wish we could have been allowed patio experience as well (next time!).

Shakes are heavenly! and, while it is a bit pricey (worth it!), this is not a so-called "frozen patty fresh burger" thingy (no way!).

You pay for a fresh juicy burger and sides, and you get exactly that (exactly that!).

Fries to my surprise (surprise!) were perfectly cooked (perfect!), right temperature (just right!) and reasonably salted (nice touch!).

Overall, a wonderful experience (wonderful!). Nothing negative to say for this location in my first visit (so far!); everything was great!

(Well!) The current Google rating, does not do it justice. (Trust me!) Burger was amazing. Perfect size, just the right amount of toppings (perfection!), perfect sear on the meat giving it the perfect flavour (yum!), and a soft bun (delicious!).

Fries were done to perfection with a crisp exterior (crispy!) but soft potato inside (soft!) and the right amount of salt, all thanks to the chef's expertise.

Price, given the quality of the food, was extremely fair. Staff was pleasant (nice!), making for an all-around great experience. I will definitely be a return customer (definitely!).

(Finally!) my search for burgers is over because (drumroll please!) this place has one of the best burgers! (Seriously!) The patty's are fresh, tender , flavorful, overall delicious (delicious!).

You have multiple options to choose from, which will cater to any burger lover.

The environment is super laid back and the patio (love the patio!) is great and provides shade in certain sections (nice touch!). We had a blast and can't wait to come back (can't wait!).

I enjoyed our dinner at Hambrgr on Ottawa street (a great place!)! The waitress was so sweet, and the service was fantastic.

My husband & I both had the Nut Job vegan burger which was amazingly delicious & so flavorful.

Everything, including the sauce for the sweet potatoes fries (yum!) and the hickory sticks on the burger, tasted like they were made from scratch in house. I highly recommend checking them out!


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