How to furnish a Nordic style kitchen

Do you love the essential and rigorous style of Nordic homes? Then this article is for you! In recent years this style of furniture has caught on, earning one of the top places among furniture trends.

Practicality and design in the Nordic style kitchen are two characteristics that blend well together with the aim of defining this home space in a practical and functional way.

The effect is that of a bright and practical kitchen, warm and welcoming, in which essential lines prevail over everything.

Here is a practical guide to furnishing your kitchen in Nordic style . Are you ready to recreate it with us?

Colors and materials for a Nordic style kitchen

White, light gray and beige or natural wood color: you can’t go wrong with these colors. The Nordic style kitchen is designed to give the room great brightness and a feeling of spaciousness and order .

The main colors are the colors that recall the atmosphere of the North, in light nuances and pastel combinations. Express your personality and creativity by starting from a white base, then adding grays and light color notes.

In full harmony with the Scandinavian countries, the Nordic style kitchen prefers natural materials such as wood, which is an ecological and insulating material in the variants of spruce, birch and pine, wicker and rattan.

Parquet, typical of any Nordic home, is always used in light shades even in the kitchen. If you fear dirt and humidity, replace the parquet with wood-effect porcelain stoneware. Your Nordic style kitchen will give you a welcoming and refined feeling.

In addition to natural materials you can also include shiny metal which gives brightness to the environment and marble.

Take advantage of the contrast between black and white, typical of the Nordic style, especially in accessories and crockery or dare with tiles with contrasting colors.

As for the fridge, stove, hood and microwave, select the same shade as the furniture finish.

Typical furniture of a Scandinavian kitchen

All the functionality and practicality of a Nordic kitchen is manifested in the kitchen with the large quantity of trolleys, metal or wooden shelves and storage containers.

The kitchen has a single shelf to avoid movements and wall units in the upper part, where you can store appliances and canned goods.

Keywords minimalism and precision . Yes to the kitchen with island where you can cook and eat with family and friends embellished with designer stools and essential lines; if you have a linear kitchen, opt for a natural or white lacquered wooden table and plastic chairs with a metal structure.

Your Scandinavian-style kitchen will be a welcoming place to share and experience in company, for a dinner or simply for a chat. Yes also to precise and tidy shelves, where everything has its place.

Nordic style decorations and accessories

If your dream is to furnish a Nordic style kitchen, it is important that you keep in mind that a Scandinavian kitchen is simple, without baroque or too eccentric decorations.

A few simple details will be enough to recreate this atmosphere. Here are our recommendations:

  • Simple decorations : focus on simple decorations, leaving ample space for brightness and essentiality.
  • Minimal drawings or paintings : the choice of wall decoration is important; sometimes a drawing or a painting with a simple and linear frame is enough to furnish in a Nordic style.
  • Bring nature into your home : whether they are succulent or broad-leaved plants, placing plants in the kitchen will give a touch of natural lightness to the room. Place them on shelves, on cabinets or in front of the window or sink.

For accessories , wooden cutting boards, candles and glass vases to fill with scented flowers. Finish the decor of your Nordic style kitchen with white or contrasting tablecloths, tea towels, cushions and curtains to give that extra touch.

Another element, which you cannot do without and which is perfectly in style, is the food trolley to be used as a storage unit or to create a recreational area if you have an open space. 

The role of lighting

Given the few hours of light in the winter months, brightness in Northern European countries plays a fundamental role.

The whole house, but especially the Nordic style kitchen, is beautiful if bright and welcoming.

Don’t block the natural light coming from the windows, but let it filter through light linen or cotton curtains and let it enhance the space of the exposed shelves and shelves.

Try to position the lights so that everything is perfectly illuminated, paying attention to the worktops and the table.

Therefore, place LED spotlights under the wall units to illuminate the worktop, a beautiful pendant lamp above the metal table, and why not a floor lamp if your kitchen is a space shared with the living area.

Here you will find other useful tips: How to illuminate the kitchen .


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