The 9 most beautiful ideas for a kitchen with island

Contemporary, beautiful and functional: there are many reasons to fall in love with a kitchen with an island .

In recent years it has become increasingly popular and it is not difficult to imagine why. From design enthusiasts to chefs, everyone succumbs to its charm.

We have collected some excellent reasons for choosing it, the various types available and some ideas for creating a style that interprets your way of life.

Let yourself be inspired by the advice of our interior designers and start designing your kitchen now!

Why choose a kitchen with an island

Installed in a house or apartment, the kitchen with island always steals the show, becoming the true protagonist, both for a family breakfast and for a lavish dinner.

If it is already tempting you, we have good news for you: in addition to the undeniable aesthetic value, there are at least 5 good reasons to choose it.

1. Works even in a small space

It often happens that we see modern kitchens with islands in very spacious contexts, but in reality it is a solution that can also adapt to small kitchens .

For example, if you live in a small apartment with a single living room, the island can replace the dining table.

In fact, some models are suitable as a counter, not just a work surface, to which comfortable stools can be combined.

2. More space for cooking

The second advantage of the island configuration is the much larger surface area for cutting vegetables, rolling out fresh pasta, preparing cakes or any other recipe.

It is no coincidence that this type of kitchen is used in all the main cooking television programs, given that it normally combines sink, stove and worktop.

If you like to go overboard, you can also opt for an extra-large island!

3. More space for guests

The great thing about the island is that it creates the perfect atmosphere when you have people over for dinner.

You can place a few more stools around, for an aperitif with friends or a Sunday brunch with the children, without ever having to leave your guests behind to finish cooking some dishes.

So you have everything under control, without giving up fun and chatting.

4. Great versatility

If you always like to add something new to your home, you will never get bored with the kitchen with island. By choosing a classic variant, in white, black or steel, all you need to do is change the accessories to completely revolutionize the mood.

An important and eye-catching chandelier or a set of particular stools can immediately change the style :

add some decorations, such as vases, runners and colored glass containers to have an always different and personalized kitchen.

5. Easy to clean

Since it is a single surface, usually well lit by a pendant lamp or spotlights, every centimeter of the kitchen worktop is always visible and easy to clean.

6. Greater organization for accessories and pantry

Last, but not least, in this type of kitchen you can add many hidden drawers on each side of the island. This way you will have much more space to organize cutlery, crockery, tablecloths, but also pots, jars and everything essential for daily life.

3 styles for a kitchen with island

Small or large, with counter and stools or just with worktop: in addition to the various customizations, choose a style that reflects your tastes and habits.

Here are three trendy proposals for a kitchen full of personality.

1. Industrial style

Raw materials, such as wood and metal, combined with the color black, are the main characteristics of an industrial style kitchen .

It is perfect in a metropolitan-inspired loft , in which to also insert some accessories or furniture with leather and steel details.

2. Kitchen with colorful island

If you dream of a colorful kitchen with island, banish shyness! Dare with color, focusing on a fiery red, or on a mosaic top, with multicolored tiles with a glossy finish.

Complete with accessories in matching shades, such as plates, glasses and jars.

3. Modern kitchen with white island

Modern and elegant, the white kitchen is a modern classic that never tires. You can choose a matte or glossy finish, according to your preferences.

Plus, you can always bring a breath of fresh air thanks to targeted chromatic touches: a vase of fresh flowers, a chandelier with colored spheres or original decorations.

Alternatively, choose yellow or rose gold colored finishes and taps, for an ultra glam effect.

Types of kitchen with island

With rounded, rectangular or square shapes, the kitchen with island always creates a scenographic effect that hardly leaves anyone indifferent. There are various models to choose from, depending on your needs and the size available: let’s see them together.

  • Island with central counter : if space is limited, the central island is usually small in size and has the dual function of a work surface and a comfortable table/counter for eating meals or serving an aperitif, sitting on bar stools.
  • Island with burners: in this case the stove and oven are concentrated in the central island. For this type of modern kitchen with island, a suspended hood must therefore be provided to allow smoke to escape.
  • Multifunction island : it is the beating heart of the kitchen, where the entire work area is concentrated, from the surface for preparing food to the area dedicated to washing dishes, with sink and dishwasher.

Our advice: pay attention to the connections for water, gas and electricity which, during the design phase, must be foreseen based on the layout of the kitchen.


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