12 Ways to Bring the Beach to Your Backyard

Dune grass, sand, and the soothing sounds of the sea — that’s relaxation at its finest. You can easily bring this vacation vibe into your own home.

Check out some fantastic ideas on how to turn your garden, balcony, or terrace into a private beach club, bringing the holiday feeling right to your doorstep.

#1: Surfboard Decoration

Why travel for a surf vibe when you can bring it right to your own backyard? Repurpose old surfboards as chic decor for your garage or that drab garden wall.

Don’t worry about scratches or wear; the more patina, the more authentic the look. Transform your space into a surfer’s paradise, no ocean required!

#2: Shade Sail Installation

Enjoy a breezier alternative to traditional parasols with a light shade sail. It offers excellent sun protection just like an umbrella but allows for more air circulation underneath.

One caveat: shade sails need multiple fixed points for attachment, so they might not work for every outdoor space and aren’t as portable as an umbrella.

Idea: Consider using an actual windsurf or boat sail, which can be just as effective and nearly the same size, adding a unique touch to your outdoor décor.

#3: Create Your Own Sandbox Beach

Why not transform a section of your garden into a private beach oasis? Opt for play sand rather than building sand—it’s more affordable and perfect for sandboxes.

Depending on your design goals and how much effort you want to put in, you’ll need between four and eight kilograms of sand per square meter.

Dive into your beach project and bring the seaside closer to home!

#4: Add a Beach Chair

An essential ingredient for that beachside feel is a beach chair. It’s the perfect spot for your morning coffee, a midday nap, or relaxing with an evening sundowner.

Position it strategically in your outdoor space to maximize comfort and style, enhancing those laid-back, seaside vibes right at home.

#5: Construct a Beach Bar

Transform a common garden shed or pergola into something extraordinary by setting up a small hut with a thatched roof to serve as your very own beach bar.

Not only will it add a fun and tropical flair to your garden, but it’s also sure to be the highlight of your next garden party. Invite friends over and enjoy the laid-back beach atmosphere right in your backyard!

    #6: Display Bath Towels Elegantly

    One of the perks of having your own home beach setup is never having to compete for the best sun lounger. Elevate your space by draping extra fluffy bath towels over your loungers, just as they would at an exclusive beach resort.

    Alternatively, arrange them neatly rolled up in a stylish basket or zinc bucket beside your seating area. This simple touch adds a layer of luxury and convenience to your outdoor oasis.

    #7: Install a Cabana

    Cabanas, often seen in exotic locales like Thailand, Bali, or the Maldives, can also add a touch of tropical charm to gardens closer to home.

    For a less expansive option that’s easier to manage, consider fabric beach cabins inspired by classic seaside resorts like Biarritz or Deauville.

    These stylish structures not only enhance your garden’s aesthetic but also offer a cool, shaded spot to relax on a lounger and escape the summer heat.

        #8: Construct a Wooden Deck or Pontoon

        Capture the essence of the sea with a wooden deck in your garden, reminiscent of the creaking planks of a boat, pontoon, or pier. Whether you add a pool or not, the deck can bring a maritime vibe right to your backyard.

          For durability and low maintenance, consider using hard tropical woods.

          Alternatively, for a better ecological footprint, local woods like larch, Douglas fir, or thermally modified ash are excellent choices.

          These woods will naturally weather to a beautiful gray over time, adding character to your outdoor space. Learn more about your options for wooden decks and how to choose the right material for your project.

          #9: Embrace the Stripe Look

          Maritime stripes evoke the sunny, breezy days of the Côte d’Azur. Incorporate this classic pattern into your garden decor with striped seat cushions, towels, or coverings for parasols and awnings.

          This simple addition will instantly lend a beachy feel to your outdoor space, making it seem like a seaside getaway right in your backyard.

          #10: Island Botany

          For those enchanted by the sea and the beach, the rustling of coastal plants, their unique scents, and the vivid colors of their berries are unforgettable.

          Fortunately, typical coastal species like the dune rose (Rosa spinosissima), marram grass (Ammophila arenaria), and sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) are adaptable and can thrive in various locations.

          Whether in your garden, planted in containers, or even in a repurposed sandbox, these plants can bring a touch of coastal charm to your home.

          For the best results, consult a garden professional to help with plant selection and care.

          #11: White and Blue Palette

          The classic combination of bright white and faded blue instantly evokes memories of a day at the beach.

          Shades like swimming pool blue, indigo, and ultramarine can transport you on a seaside journey without ever leaving home.

          Feel free to experiment with various shades of blue to enhance the effect. To complement this palette, opt for garden furniture and decorations crafted from weathered wood and metal, perfect for capturing that coastal vibe.

          #12: Invest in an Acapulco Chair

          Embrace the glamour of a Mexican jet set resort with an Acapulco Chair, designed to add a touch of sunny luxury to your garden or home.

          Its unique pear or avocado shape, vivid colors, and cord structure draw inspiration from traditional Mayan hammocks, making it a standout piece.

          If you’re seeking an authentic Acapulco chair, ensure it’s sourced from Mexico where they are still crafted by hand today.

          Beware of numerous imitations on the market; the original can be identified by its iconic curved shape, elastic cords, and a price tag of around $300.

          Have any of these ideas caught your eye for an idea book? Or perhaps you have other tips on how to infuse your space with a seaside ambiance? Let us know!


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