8 pool Alternatives For Cooling off in the Garden

When the temperature rises, so does the urge to dive into cool waters. Is an inground pool out of your budget? Is the nearest lake too far away?

Don’t worry—we’ve got eight fantastic pool alternatives that will help you cool off right in your garden. Some options are quick fixes, while others might require a bit more time to set up.

Either way, if you’re looking for an exciting summer project, these ideas might just be the perfect addition to your garden.

1. Water Hose

The simplest way to cool off in the garden is with a garden hose. Since it’s best not to water your plants in the blazing midday sun, use that time to splash around and refresh yourself instead.

It’s a fun and quick way to beat the heat, and not just for kids! Everyone can enjoy a playful spray from the hose on a hot day.

2. Rainwater Shower

This garden refreshment idea takes “natural shower” to the next level. In the setup depicted, rainwater is funneled into a pipe mounted on a pergola, where it’s collected and then released like a waterfall whenever desired.

Particularly on those hot, humid summer days often followed by a thunderstorm, there’s plenty of water for showering.

Plus, the water gets preheated to a pleasant temperature as it sits in the sun-warmed pipe, providing an eco-friendly and enjoyable shower experience right in your garden.

3. Garden Shower

No matter the size of your garden, there’s always room for a garden shower. Nothing beats the refreshment of cool water from a shower after a long session of sunbathing or playing with the kids.

Opt for a solar-based system, and you can enjoy water at a comfortable temperature even on cooler days.

Whether it’s hooked up to a garden hose or connected directly to your house’s water inlet, a garden shower is a surefire way to stay cool and refreshed outdoors.

4. Hot Tub

Are you a fan of Scandinavian gardens? Then infuse some Nordic design into your space with a stylish hot tub.

Perfect for a refreshing dip after a sauna session, especially in winter, it reinvigorates the senses.

The compact barrel design doesn’t take up much room and its wooden cladding blends seamlessly into a natural garden setting. Access is easy with stairs or a ladder, making it a chic and functional addition to any outdoor area.

5. Bathtub

Got an old freestanding tub lying around? Or perhaps you’ve spotted a charming one at the hardware store?

Bring it into the garden! Whether basking in the midday sun or unwinding under a starry sky, a garden tub allows you to relax without the need for constant movement, unlike in a pool.

For added convenience, connect the tub directly to your house’s water supply. This setup lets you easily fill and drain the tub without resorting to a bucket, adding that special touch of ease to your outdoor oasis.

6. Inflatable Pool and Paddling Pool

Just a stone’s throw from the sun lounger, quick-up pools are a perfect addition to both large and small gardens for an effortless cool-down.

These inflatable pools are a hit especially with kids, who often prefer playing over swimming. The soft walls provide a safe, bouncy castle-like environment that’s ideal for splashing around.

For toddlers and non-swimmers, setting up a shallow paddling pool is a great option.

When you need more space in the garden or as the bathing season winds down, simply deflate the pool and tuck it away in a garden shed or basement to save space.

7. Above-Ground Pool with Steel Wall

An above-ground pool with a steel wall offers a sturdy alternative to the quick-set inflatable types. With a wall height of up to 130 centimeters, it’s perfect for adults to enjoy a quick dip.

This steel pool can be customized to seamlessly blend with your garden’s design. Instead of a traditional ladder, this pool features a unique multi-level external staircase for easy access. For more details, feel free to contact us.

8. Fountain

Isn’t a small water feature just charming in a garden? Plus, it’s wonderfully refreshing under the hot summer sun! It’s not only delightful for pets like Fiffi but for everyone.

Installing a small, ground-level fountain invites you to dip your hands and feet into the bubbling water for a playful splash.


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