3 Best Beaches in Burlington Must Try Bucket List

Beaches in Burlington

A visit to one—if not all—of the best beaches Burlington has to offer is needed when temperatures become hot and sticky.

Whether you’re planning weekend getaways, a camping trip or just looking for ways to cool off or with friends, these beaches in Burlington are a quick subway, ferry, or bus trip away.

If you have a car and want to venture further out, check out our guide to the best beaches Ontario has to offer.

Beach Season

1. Beachway Park Beach

A well-groomed park and beach with trails, washrooms, and a playground. Nearby is Spencer Smith Park and all the good stuff downtown Burlington has to offer.

There is plenty of parking along the roadside but naturally, it fills up fast on summer weekends.

Beachway Park Beach

The Dofasco Waterjet Park and Playground are right around the corner and Rotary Centennial Pond is a great place to sail your model boat! In the mood for a more relaxing pace.

The Beachway Park is always open on a daily basis pending water quality results. To view results before you go, dial 311 or visit halton.ca/beaches.

2. Spencer Smith Park Beach

An amazing place to relax. Perfect for families, couples, socializing, pet walking, sports, and biking. The scenery at the lake is so beautiful and relaxing.

Spencer Smith Park Beach

A long stretch of beach and beautiful trails by the lakeshore for hiking and biking. The lawns are very well maintained. At the end of the trail, you can see the amazing skyline including Toronto downtown.

3. Burloak Waterfront Park

A wonderful and quiet park with a play area and multiple lots and amenities. There is a walkway and a great South viewpoint of Hamilton with seating binocs and stone steps.

Burloak Waterfront Park Beach

Plenty of sea birds and shade too. Well worth a trip for a local walk or getaway. The beach is mostly rocky with breakwaters.

The location is very convenient as it's also close to Food Basics, Tims, and Shoppers. If you're looking for a sandy lakeside beach instead just walk towards Oakville and you'll find South Shell Park.

Best Beaches in Burlington FAQs


Lake Erie is the shallowest of all the Great Lakes, making it the warmest. Crystal Beach by far the town of Fort Erie's biggest draw. Go for a swim, lounge on the white sand, sail around the bay, go fishing, try out the water-sports galore, or explore the quaint town of Fort Erie.

lakes are confined to smaller fetches which limit wave size, but the Great Lakes are large enough to produce frequent swells up to several meters.

While ocean waves are created by distant storm systems, waves on the Great Lakes are formed by localized winds

Generally, the water is clean and safe for swimming. However, to ensure public safety, the water is tested for contamination by bacteria. If problems are found, signs advising the public are posted at affected beaches.


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