Animal Shelters in Brampton (2023) PRICE & GUIDE

Animal Shelters in Brampton

If you consider adopting a pet, you should realize that it is a huge commitment and responsibility.

But right now is the best time to adopt if you embrace your role as a pet parent and want to welcome a pet into your family and home.

We’ve compiled a list of the best animal shelters in Brampton.

How much does it cost to adopt an animal from the shelter?

Generally, An administrative fee ranges between $6 and $25 — sales tax depending on the province applies to all adoptions. This fee covers some of the costs associated with processing adoptions and provides revenue that supports the animal Shelter.

Standard adoption fees

  • Dogs and puppies:
  • Cats and kittens:
  • Birds, rabbits, and other small mammals:

The adoption fee includes:

  • Spay/neuter surgery for dogs, cats and rabbits.
  • Recommended vaccinations.
  • Microchip and registration.
  • Initial worming.

Here are The Best Animal Shelters in Brampton

Brampton Animal Services

1. Brampton Animal Services

Animal Services helps pet owners care responsibly for their domestic pets and ensures animals enjoy healthy, safe, and harmonious lives with the residents of Brampton.

Services offered:

  • Adopt a Pet
  • Licensing your Pet
  • Wildlife in the City
  • Lost and Found Pets

Address: 475 Chrysler Dr, Brampton, ON L6S 6G3, Canada


Phone: +19054585800

Caledon Animal Shelter

2. Caledon Animal Shelter

Caledon's Animal Services helps keep pets safe and healthy by promoting responsible pet ownership.
The Animal Shelter and leash-free dog park are located in Bolton at 12889 Coleraine Drive 20 min drive from Brampton.

Address: 12889 Coleraine Dr, Bolton, ON L7E 3B5, Canada


Phone: +19055842272   ext 4698


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